Over ambitious parents essay

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Over ambitious parents essay

Participating in and winning any kind of competition — be it a simple gully cricket match, or the World Cup — is one of the best feelings in the world. Competitions award merit, performance, excellence — quite literally, the best in a human being.

However, it takes a lot to be chosen as the best of the best. And so the chances of a student decrease as the number of participants increase.

It might hence be understandable that: Hence most parents now-a-days want their children to participate in Olympiads. Qualifying in an Olympiad gives children extra benefit while applying for further studies.

Parents also think Olympiads promote such skills and abilities as critical thinking, analysing ability, etc.

Finally, it has been claimed that Olympiads can act as a great morale booster. For the above discussed reasons, more and more parents are urging their children to appear in Olympiad exams each year. So why do parents still want their children to appear for these private Olympiads?

Because more number of Olympiads means more number of chances for their child to prove himself, and make his parents proud. The Vicious Circle In order to further commercialise this opportunity and exploit this sentiment, most private Olympiads have their own unique syllabus for the exam.

They then offer custom made practice books. As a result the training material for one such private Olympiad may not be good enough for another. So if you want your child to participate in 3 different private Olympiads, it means you might find yourself buying 3 different sets of training materials — which may include text books, workbooks, practice books, multimedia material, and lots of other things.

In spite of this, the number of students participating in these private Olympiads keeps on increasing each year. There is no one straight answer to this question.

Olympiads, in theory, sound like a brilliant idea.

Over ambitious parents essay

However, as parents, more and more of us are losing sight of why Olympiads are conducted in the first place. There are a number of serious considerations we are missing out on, and this is impacting our children.

When we become overambitious as parents and turn Olympiads into a prestige issue, we basically rob our children of their best years and force them to shoulder larger than life dreams. However, mining for diamonds is very different from artificially compressing carbon in a lab to convert it into a diamond, and that is pretty much what private Olympiads are forcing parents to do to their children.

The Ill-Effects of Olympiads Children are spending unreasonable number of hours studying. They are being burdened with the pressure of performing well in these exams — a pressure that is often too high and unhealthy for their young minds and bodies.

Whats worse is, the age at which children are being compelled to take these exams keep dropping with each passing year. Children as young as 5 or 6 years old are being sent away to tuitions right after school gets over.

Many educationists are condemning this. Many a time it is due to parental pressure that children in the primary classes take these exams.

A child should enjoy studying. Are we considering how children react to failure at Olympiads? Some students take criticism on the face of it: They will show an improvement in their performance; they may even show elevated levels of focus and determination.

Over ambitious parents essay

However, this kind of behaviour reflects an innate maturity that not all children are born with. Most children react negatively to criticism.

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For most people, it takes experience and age to develop the maturity required to understand that a critique is not to be taken personally. An Open Letter To Parents While the former category of students can be motivated by criticism, the later will only sink further into self-doubt, self-loathing, and deep feelings of inadequacy.

Not every child is going to come out feeling confident for having attempted the exam; more number of students are going to come out feeling miserable for having failed the exam. Are we looking at the bigger picture of how Olympiads impact students from different backgrounds?Parents should let their child grow and learn things naturally.

The expectation of parents from a child is harming the mental ability of the child. Some of the parents always compare them with their friend's/relative's child. Over ambitious parents essay for private Over ambitious parents essay for private alla breve takt beispiel essay referencing websites in essays do you italize lebron james essay assignment national merit scholar essays on the great.

Ancient chinese civilization essays caltech writing supplemental essays eco modernism manifesto critique essay. How do over ambitious parents affect the performance of their children in sports?

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