Microeconomics of maritime shipping essay

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Microeconomics of maritime shipping essay

Psaraftis, staff Brief overview of microeconomics. Elements of the theory of production and consumption. The concept of perfect competition. Types of charters and charterparties. Spot market freight rates. The dry cargo charter market.

Microeconomics of maritime shipping essay

The oil distribution network. Freight rates and prices in the oil market. Components of transport cost. Ports as transhipment nodes.

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Elements of the theory of international trade. Application to maritime transport. The Greek coastal shipping system. EU regulations on cabotage. Competition with other means of transport. Advanced intermodal transport systems. The role of advanced technology. Institutional matters in Greece and the EU.

Case studies in maritime transport. Ventikos Analysis of maritime transport safety and marine environment protection, with emphasis on economics and managerial issues.

The human factor and its involvement in maritime transport safety. Regulations for safety, pollution avoidance and the human factor in maritime transport. Means and strategies for oil spill response. Internalization of external costs. The ISPS code for ship and port security.

Lyridis, staff Introduction to finance. Present value and cost of capital. Planning of capital availability. Financing of large companies. Share policy and capital structure. Sources of capital, bank lending, capital markets.

Lyridis, staff Introduction to logistics, historical review. Modern requirements of companies and strategy. Selection of transportation means.The scope of this Special Issue will include model development and optimization as well as empirical data collection and advanced quantitative analysis within the context of shipping, ports and maritime .

Maritime • Shipping • Port • Industry • Education • Administrations EMPLOYMENT, POLICY & PRACTICE Strategic recruitment and empowerment of women, best. Sample contains importance of empty container management in shipping transportation organizations with examples. Shipping and maritime firms require containers in order to maintain their operations as well as the level of services Shipping organizations need containers to maintain their operations and level of service along .

Nov 27,  · Free daily shipping and maritime news for the whole of Asia. Seatrade Maritime's coverage includes shipping developments in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan & India.

Microeconomics Principles Microeconomics Principles; Essay Title: Maritime Safety and Environment Protection. Languages. English. Full professional proficiency. Our group set upon the course to summarize a certain problem faced by the shipping industry and bring upon a concrete solution through innovation.

We mostly focused about the Industry: Research. Maritime industry Essay. A.

Microeconomics of maritime shipping essay

Pages Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. In microeconomics, neoclassical economics represents incentives and costs as playing a pervasive role in shaping decision making.

Discuss the implications of the forces that affect elasticity of demand and supply in the shipping industry a.

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