Lcd projector for business presentations

Presentations and More in Your Pocket Only a few years ago, the concept of having a projector small enough to take with you in your bag, let alone in your pocket, was just wishful thinking. But as projectors have come down in size, portable models have certainly come into their own, making it possible for you to project your data and video anywhere you go. Not only that, but portable projectors encompass a surprisingly wide range in size, brightness, and features.

Lcd projector for business presentations

Before you buy a projector, make sure you check out all the available features to ensure you're taking advantage of everything that's out there. Here's a list of some good features to keep in mind.

lcd projector for business presentations

Plug and play - Just like the title says. And you're ready to go. Computer-free presentations — Some projectors have memory card readers so there's no need to hook up your computer. Digital keystone correction — This allows for versatility in projector placement Wireless mouse control Multiple computer inputs for multifaceted presentations.

lcd projector for business presentations

Lens shift for more convenient set-up Wireless connection for projectors Look for both PC and Mac compatibility Be as portable as you want. With presentation projectors becoming more and more portable, the question is, how portable do you need it to be.

Obviously, one aspect that affects portability is size. The larger the projector the somewhat less portable. For you jetsetters out there, if you're planning to travel with your laptop and projector, the smaller the better.

And if you're going to be using your projector in a foreign environment, be sure to prepare for anything. Here's a few things to consider: Look for a small, lightweight projector.

A smaller footprint means better portability. You'll want at least lumens for ambient light in unfamiliar environments.

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A remote with mouse control frees you from your computer. Get to know your connection types. Component Video Component video is the most common type of high-quality signal available today.

While a composite cable carries the entire video signal on a single cable, component video cables split the signal in three. This connection gives a much better image than do composite or S-video connections; the projector you buy should have at least one of these inputs. S-Video and Composite Video S-video cables differ from composite cables in that they split the video signal into two different components, luminance and chrominance, resulting in a significantly better image than a composite cable can provide.

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Projectors come with what's called "native resolution. The difference between ceiling-mounted and table top projectors.

A ceiling-mounting projector is a popular way to set up a home theater. However, before you dive in to the ceiling-mounted projectors you should know that they require a fixed distance from the screen as they have what's called a "throw ratio. For example, if your projector will be ceiling-mounted ten feet away from your screen, the image it projects will be larger than if your projector is mounted only five feet away.

If you'd prefer not to mount your projector, it's easy to find projectors of outstanding image quality that can be placed in different areas of a room.Advances in projector image and information processing technologies have led to the manufacture of powerful portable business and home theater projector systems.

These projectors are easy to transport and operate, and that can use electronically stored information, even motion-picture video, for impressive, effective business presentations and. LCD projector rentals, setup, delivery & onsite support Largest selection of LCD projectors for meetings and events in the industry Ideal for showing PowerPoint presentations, images, and videos.

Pyle Video Projector p Full HD-USB HDMI DVI Inputs, Remote Control, Keystone, LCD LED, Digital Multimedia, Mini Home Theater Movie Cinema for TV Laptop PC Computer & Business Offices - . "Toshiba's projector with integrated document camera is a distinctive Toshiba product that reduces the expense of purchasing two separate products and makes it more convenient to transport," said.

Brilliant Presentations Bright and Light Even though its light weight and compact size enable it to be carried from room to room, the projector is capable of highly visible images thanks to its high brightness and superior 15, contrast ratio. By placing the projector at an optimum distance of about 2 to m, it will display a super-clear and bright ″ image.

However, as this projector is only ideal for home entertainment, we do NOT recommend it for use in PPT or business presentations.

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