Internet should be censored essay

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Internet should be censored essay

Some argue that obscenity is a matter of opinion and it cannot be defined. The truth is that it has been defined by the Supreme Court, and in in the Supreme Court case of Roth v. So what about the children? Should they be subject to obscenities and pornography?

But parents argue that it is almost impossible to always be there to watch their children, especially for single parents and families where both parents work. There are sites on how to make a bomb, how to hi-jack a car, and how to use a gun, as well as almost anything and everything imaginable.

This can lead Rebecca Fairweather, a high school graduate ofdoes not agree with this. The Board of Education in New York City has installed a filter on its computer system that blocks students from gaining access to any web sites that include categories like news and sex education.

Even those of major new outlets, policy groups, and scientific and medical organizations were even blocked. This blocking program makes it almost impossible for students to do sophisticated research projects on the Internet. Teachers and parents have complained to the Board of Education.

Teachers and parents feel it would be more efficient to use a filtering program that allows the Board of Education to set the standards and decide what to block and what not to block instead of the current program they have called I-Gear, which does not allow this option.

The Internet should be censored, not by the government, but by the individual.

Internet should be censored essay

If a parents feels the need to keep their child away from the dangers of the Internet, they can use a filtering program on their computer. Censoring the Internet for children is not as big a problem as a lot of people make it out to be.

The Internet can be a very safe and helpful resource for children to learn and research. South Pacific; June 21, ; Nathan Tripp. New York; November 10, ; Anemona Hartocollis. Detroit, Michigan; August 18, ; Rebecca Fairweather.May 23,  · This entry was posted in Haredim, Internet and tagged bans, haredim, internet, rabbis by hareidiandproud.

Bookmark the permalink. 12 thoughts on “ Why The Internet Must Be Banned ”. Should the Internet be censored? It’s a topic of ongoing debate. And it’s not an easy question to answer, not least of which because one of the questions is who will do the censoring and how.

Jul 17,  · There should not be any censorship for someone’s personal material because they are the only ones that should be viewing it anyway. If all private material were to be censored at all times, it would most definitely not be considered private, or personal.

Total internet censorship is an extremity of what should be done. Should the Internet be censored? - Should the Internet be censored Essay introduction?? Censorship on the Internet is a very. controversial issue.

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Many agree that censoring violates the First Amendment of free. We will write a custom essay sample on. Should the Internet be censored. specifically for you for only $/page. Hence, it is obvious that for the reason of children’s safety the Internet should be censored.

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Internet should be censored essay
Why The Internet Should Be Censored Essay