How can i write a letter to oprah winfrey

Her typical viewers are women ages Follow these 6 steps: You have some measurable and quantifiable success that labels you an expert. Philanthropy, health and environment are key issues for Oprah right now.

How can i write a letter to oprah winfrey

Decent Writing Skills 1 If you hope to email Oprah Winfrey, the very first thing you'll need is the contact information. Keep in mind that Oprah has a major magazine, a popular cable television show, and a virtual world of media at her fingertips.

How you contact her depends greatly upon what exactly you want to tell her. If it's her show that you're interested in, you can always hand write a letter to Oprah through the show representatives.

The show's public address is: PO BoxChicago, Illinois The address for her publicist is: Either address will work, but you're likely to have more success with the first.

The truth is, if you're a very good writer and you're able to put together some very powerful and poignant prose - you just might have a chance to get your email in front of the eyes of Oprah Winfrey herself The same rules apply here - if you really want to get on the show, then all you need to do is impress the producers.

While Oprah certainly has a lot of pull regarding who shows up on the show and what the theme of each show will be, you can be sure that the Producers of the show also have some say in the matter. Email your powerfully written email to the producers, and your words could impress them enough so that they show it to Oprah.

His name is Kevin Huvane and he lives in California. You can write directly to Kevin at: Or call him at: Just remember that if Kevin is very likely an extremely busy man, so unless your later can make a very good case for him to pass on your message to Oprah, it's likely to get ignored.

So make it short and powerful - and capture his attention at the very start of the letter. You can use this form, just like the show's feedback form, to email Oprah Winfrey related to your ideas regarding her magazine. Again, don't bother emailing Oprah using these forms unless you can put your words together in a way that tells a compelling tale and will attract the attention of the Magazine staff who will first read it.

If you can win over the hearts and minds of the staff, then you may get your email to Oprah. Again, take the time to write a well written and compelling letter. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors, and write two or three drafts before you send it.

Good writing makes the best impression, and if you can tell your story in a way that can move the emotions of the people who filter out emails and regular mail for Oprah, then you'll be able to win the attention with the Queen of Media herself.That is why I write you today, Ms.

Winfrey. We cannot address the root of what plagues Hip Hop without addressing the root of what plagues today’s society and the world. It is time that Hollywood Oprah included start to leave medicine to medicine. Dr Oz can then use the words “I am not a doctor although I “play” one on TV” to promote his bogus programming.

Jan 22,  · Now You Can Contact Oprah Winfrey Plus 60,+ Other Celebrities and Public Figures Worldwide! urbanagricultureinitiative.comtanycelebrity. To write the Oprah Winfrey Show go to the link below.

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Write a Resume Recruiters Can't Resist. The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide. How to Prepare for Your Interview and Land the Job. Oprah Winfrey Network interview details: 7 interview questions and 8 interview reviews posted. For the July edition of Oprah Winfrey's magazine O, Lee has written a celebration of books and reading, drawn from her own experience as a child in Alabama.

Her letter to Winfrey gives no.

how can i write a letter to oprah winfrey
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