A discussion of the need for school uniforms in public schools and its effects on education

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A discussion of the need for school uniforms in public schools and its effects on education

What they prize is docility, suggestibility; the child who will do what he is told; or even better, the child who will do what is wanted without even having to be told.

They value most in children what children least value in themselves. Were you to stand in Honolulu and make the same statement, however, you would probably be talking about one specific island in the chain — namely, the big one to your southeast. In the broad sense, it refers to almost anything that schools might try to provide outside of academics, especially when the purpose is to help children grow into good people.

A discussion of the need for school uniforms in public schools and its effects on education

In the narrow sense, it denotes a particular style of moral training, one that reflects particular values as well as particular assumptions about the nature of children and how they learn. Unfortunately, the two meanings of the term have become blurred, with the narrow version of character education dominating the field to the point that it is frequently mistaken for the broader concept.

My purpose in this article is to subject these programs to careful scrutiny and, in so doing, to highlight the possibility that there are other ways to achieve our broader objectives. I address myself not so much to those readers who are avid proponents of character education in the narrow sense but to those who simply want to help children become decent human beings and may not have thought carefully about what they are being offered.

Even when other values are also promoted — caring or fairness, say — the preferred method of instruction is tantamount to indoctrination. The point is to drill students in specific behaviors rather than to engage them in deep, critical reflection about certain ways of being.

This is the impression one gets from reading articles and books by contemporary proponents of character education as well as the curriculum materials sold by the leading national programs.

The impression is only strengthened by visiting schools that have been singled out for their commitment to character education. A huge, multiethnic elementary school in Southern California uses a framework created by the Jefferson Center for Character Education.

On an enormous wall near the cafeteria, professionally painted Peanuts characters instruct children: A small, almost entirely African American school in Chicago uses a framework created by the Character Education Institute. At the end, the teacher drives home the lesson: The reason for using these words, she points out, is that by doing so we are more likely to get what we want.

A charter school near Boston has been established specifically to offer an intensive, homegrown character education curriculum to its overwhelmingly white, middle-class student body. At weekly public ceremonies, certain children receive a leaf that will then be hung in the Forest of Virtue.

We could go on forever but we have to have a moment of silence and then a spelling test. When President Clinton mentioned the importance of character education in his State of the Union address, the only specific practice he recommended was requiring students to wear uniforms.

This seriatim approach is unlikely to result in a lasting commitment to any of these values, much less a feeling for how they may be related.

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Nevertheless, such programs are taken very seriously by some of the same people who are quick to dismiss other educational programs, such as those intended to promote self-esteem, as silly and ineffective. In general terms, what the evidence suggests is this: Extrinsic motivation, in other words, is not only quite different from intrinsic motivation but actually tends to erode it.

Most relevant to character education is a series of studies showing that individuals who have been rewarded for doing something nice become less likely to think of themselves as caring or helpful people and more likely to attribute their behavior to the reward.

The lesson a child learns from Skinnerian tactics is that the point of being good is to get rewards. No wonder researchers have found that children who are frequently rewarded — or, in another study, children who receive positive reinforcement for caring, sharing, and helping — are less likely than other children to keep doing those things.

More deeply troubling are the fundamental assumptions, both explicit and implicit, that inform character education programs. Let us consider five basic questions that might be asked of any such program:The University of Southern California is a leading private research university located in Los Angeles — a global center for arts, technology and international business.

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School uniforms should be required by U.S. public schools.

A discussion of the need for school uniforms in public schools and its effects on education

Some of the reasons I believe that public schools should require school uniforms are as followed: "A case study of the effects of adopting school uniforms in Long Beach, CA which appeared in Psychology Today in September, , reported the following effects from.

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